About Wedding Perfect

It all started in a small corner office of a car dealership in 1998!

That's right! Carla, who loved decorating (more than selling cars), decided to provide rentals, and eventually, full-service decorating to clients from an office of her husband's car lot, Cruisin'! The two businesses grew into their own spaces and are still thriving and well-known in the community today.

In 2004, Carla's daughter, Lisa joined Team Perfect as the business continued to grow and change. Wedding Perfect is now owned by Lisa and her husband, Darrin, since Carla's retirement in 2017.

Lisa and Darrin are continually excited to be involved in a business that has been a part of over 4,000 events in the last 20 years! They look forward to many years of providing an experience for each and every person that puts their trust in them!

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